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Welcome to Risk Management for Ag Families, a product of the Four State Ruminant Consortium. Risk Management for Ag Families is an extension education program to help you the farmer or rancher better understand the risks you face and how to mange them.

Risk Management for Ag Families is a four-program series on managing risk, including:

  • RightRisk is a risk simulation game designed to help farmers or ranchers understand and explore risk management decisions and evaluate the effects of those decisions.

  • Planning for Financial Stability and Security: Managing Your Family Finances focuses on concepts and tools to assist producers with financial management.

  • Can I Survive in Ag: Why Producers Need to Understand Financial Analysis, looks in-depth at measuring business performance, the impact of family financial structure, and the role of government programs in the viability of today's agricultural operations.

  • Risks in the Family Business draws from the online Enterprising Rural Families course to focus on the distinctive risks that characterize family businesses: the interaction of individuals, the family, the business, and the surrounding community.

In the end, the knowledge and practice you gain through Risk Management for Ag Families will help you make better decisions for your farming/ranching operation.

To view a copy of the final project report for the Risk Management for Ag Families project, click here.


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Risk Management For Ag Families Education Team:
University of Wyoming,
Montana State University, North Dakota State University,
and South Dakota State University Extension cooperating